Thursday, August 20, 2009

Large ELF Haul

The ELF order that my sister and I placed together, using the 75% off studio line products code, arrived today. We each ordered 20 items for a total of 40 items. Here's what we ordered:

Here's what I ordered:

2-Amethyst Eyeshadows
1-Berry Merry Blush
2- "C" eyeshadow brushes
1- Fan Brush
1- green/moss
2 Hollywood lashes
2- "Luxe" eyeshadows
1- Makeup remover
1- Lip brush
5- Powder brushes
1- Punk funk eyeshadow

I love the feel and quality of everything. I will be posting a look using the Amethyst and Luxe eyeshadows later on today.


  1. I can't wait to order their powder brush. I've wanted that brush for a while now and probably take advantage of this opportunity to get it.

  2. I love the powder brush it works great.