Monday, September 7, 2009

Carnival Day at Home

Today, I had a carnival at home. We had carnival foods along with some of our favorite foods. This post is very pic heavy. Here are the pictures:

Here I am enjoying some of the goodies.

Here I am enjoying a few more of the goodies. And as a side note: I'm wearing MAC Studio Tech foundation, MSF in Gold Deposit, MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot, and Mac Mineralize eyeshadow in Odd Couple.

Hotdogs rolling on the hotdog roller.

Turkey sandwiches.

Corndogs; pita chips and tortilla chips with cheese sauce.

Chicken tenders with Barbecue dipping sauce.

Cotton candy spinning around in our cotton candy machine.

Popcorn popper filled with popcorn

Punch bowl filled with fruit punch.

Align CenterCinnamon glazed almonds, caramel apples, and candy apples.

Soft-serve ice cream maker.

Mini pineapple upside cakes, elephant ears, and funnel cakes.

Graham crackers, oreos, chocolate chip cookies, and sugar wafers.

Soft Pretzels.

And here's a video:


  1. OMG, how fun!!! And look at all that yummy food! How long did it take you guys to make all of that?? And also, did you rent all those fun carnival food machines or do you already own them? I am so jealous of all of your guests! What a fun day for everyone! xo

  2. It took too long to make all the food, more like two days. And yes, we own all the carnival food machines. So, you can look forward to seeing them in future recipes and other party pictures. And I sure had fun.