Sunday, July 5, 2009

Honest Scrap Tag

I was tagged by Caramel Diva and Yinka to do the Honest Scrap Tag; to check out their wonderful blogs; click on their names.

The tag goes as follows: Tell the readers of your blog ten things that they don't know about you; and everything has to be true.

Here goes:

1. I'm a bargain shopper. I love to clip coupons and shop sales. I buy very few things at full price. I also love free samples and checking the mail to see what samples arrived.

2. I love to put together jigsaw puzzles. I own many puzzles and the most pieces I've ever put together was a 500 piece puzzle. I also like to do jigsaw puzzles online at

3. I do a lot of crafts. I like to cross-stitch, crochet, paint, origami, and make jewelry. As a child I would spend hours cutting shapes out of paper.

4. Caramel Diva is my biological sister, we share the same parents. Check out here blog here.

5. I'm a do-it-yourselfer, I love to do home improvement projects. I like to wire ceiling fans and chandeliers; and many other projects. I also like power tools.

6. I decorate for holidays. I decorate both inside and outside. I like to climb the roof and hang lights, place decorations in the windows and on the door.

7. I look younger than I am. I'm in my mid twenties and everywhere I go people ask me why I'm not in school. So, thank goodness it's summertime here and all the children are out of school. So, I'll be able to shop in peace.

8. I hate when people smack or pop chewing gum, the sounds just drive me crazy.

9. I'm a Capricorn and very family oriented. I spend lots of time with my parents and siblings.

10. I like getting cooking gadgets for my birthdays and Christmas. Especially KitchenAid and Cuisinart cooking gadgets.

And I tag all those who want to participate.

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